Sausage Wallet 'Bad Habit' Cassette

  • Sausage Wallet 'Bad Habit' Cassette

Sausage Wallet 'Bad Habit' Cassette

Artist: Sausage Wallet
Album: Bad Habit
Label: GxSxPx
Format: Cassette
Genre: Pornogrind
Released: 2024
Location: USA

1. Spitters are Quitters
2. Jizz Junkie Jesus
3. Keep on Fisting in the Free World
4. I Can Feel Me Cumming in Your Hair Tonight
5. Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion
6. Filled in Like a Job Application
7. Urine for a Treat
8. The Hung and the Breastless
9. Rectory Rectal Ramming Rampage
10. I Got Raped in a Church and All I Got Were These Lousy Trust Issues
11. Anything is a Dildo if You're Brave Enough
12. Actually, Yeah, Maybe Today Satan
13. Molestache
14. Night of the Assisted Living Dead
15. Wrong Hole, Who Dis?
16. Blow Banged by the Beastie Boys

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