Fulminate 'Agony Resonates Pleasantly' CD

  • Fulminate 'Agony Resonates Pleasantly' CD

Fulminate 'Agony Resonates Pleasantly' CD

Artist: Fulminate
Album: Agony Resonates Pleasantly
Label: Rectal Purulence
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2023
Location: USA

1. The Patriarch - Launched Into Sporadic Frenzied Protocols
2. Disemboweled for the Nexus Order
3. Mankinds Termination
4. Insurmountable Static
5. The Killing of the Peacemaker
6. Disfigured Metallic Skull of a Neophyte
7. The Pure
8. Slain by the Overseer
9. Massive Gory Death Laser
10. Clogged Central Innards
11. Endless Waves of Automaton Destroyers
12. Forcibly Merged with Machines
13. Veins and Wires Covered in Boiling Black Oil
14. Tainted by the Mechanical Gods
15. False Man
16. Salvaged Lifeforms
17. Presented In a Malformed Fashion
18. Agony Resonates Pleasantly
19. Displayed on The Embalming Table
20. Spilling Lively Juices
21. Decayed
22. 626 the Number of the Gravels Beast

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