Teething 'Help' CD

  • Teething 'Help' CD

Teething 'Help' CD

Artist: Teething
Album: Help
Label: Obliteration Records
Format: Jevel Case CD with OBI strip
Genre: Grindcore
Released: 2022
Location: Spain

1. Ralph Is Back
2. Devouring Friendship
3. Striking Fires
4. Your Band Sucks
5. Pinoy Justice
6. Like The Movies
7. Upside Down Bat
8. Beth
9. Just Kiss
10. Roach Apartment
11. Asshole Cancer
12. Palmera de Chocolate
13. Weissenborn Song I: An Introduction
14. Weissenborn Song II: A Farewell Letter To George
15. Teething Remix

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