Semargl 'Satanogenesis' CD

  • Semargl 'Satanogenesis' CD

Semargl 'Satanogenesis' CD

Artist: Semargl
Album: Satanogenesis
Label: Deathgasm Records
Format: Jevel Case CD
Genre: Black Metal
Released: 2006
Location: Ukraine

1. Graceful Infection By Evil
2. Cult Of The Crucified
3. Blessing Of Insanity
4. Protonic Zone Of Hell
5. The Funeral Of A Beast
6. Maxima Satan
7. Devil In Me
8. Mechanical Storm
9. Молитва Очищения
10. Esthetical Murder
11. A Little Saint Bitch
12. Let The Heavens Burn
13. Copulation With Mechanism

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