Flatulence 'Irreversible Degrade' CD

  • Flatulence 'Irreversible Degrade' CD

Flatulence 'Irreversible Degrade' CD

Artist: Flatulence
Album: Irreversible Degrade
Label: Bizarre Leprous
Format: Jevel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2018
Location: Russia

1.Dear Beatricia
2. Her Body Parts In My Bath
3. Spasmodic Dysphonia
4. Brain Resection
5. Cancer Womb Detonatiob
6. Putrefactive Aftertaste
7. Demoralized
8. Deprecated Ways Of Corpse Disposal
9. Avascular Necrosis
10. Vile Excarnation
11. Compulsive Sex Obsession
12. Hearse Accident
13. Carnal Liquefaction
14. Freaks In The Basement
15. Stoma Cake
16. Human Skull Collection
17. Genital Papilloma
18. Bustle In The Anthill (B.I.T.A.)

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