Afonia 'Smile Of Sisyphus' CD

  • Afonia 'Smile Of Sisyphus' CD

Afonia 'Smile Of Sisyphus' CD

Artist: Afonia
Album: Smile Of Sisyphus
Label: Street Influence
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Grindcore
Released: 2011
Location: Russia

1. Great Man
2. Свобода-Конвой
3. Devotion Or Diversion
4. Total Dependence
5. Indifference
6. Dimension Seven (The Wipers Cover)
7. Не Рабом - Не Господином
8. Condemned System (Terrorizer Cover)
9. Ivan Hates People But Regularly Attends The Party Meeting
10. Sooner Or Later (7 Seconds Cover)
11. Forces
12. Revolution

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