First Days Of Humanity 'First Discography 19-20' CD

  • First Days Of Humanity 'First Discography 19-20' CD

First Days Of Humanity 'First Discography 19-20' CD

Artist:First Days Of Humanity
Album: First Discography 19-20
Label: Diablos Records
Format: Jevel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2021
Location: USA

1. Fashioning Weapons Out Of Bone And Sinew
2. Depictions Of Violence On The Cavern Wall
3. Feasting From The Mammoth's Skull
4. Poisoned During Attempts At Foraging
5. Fears Of Being Attacked In Your Sleep
6. Stomach Full Of Rancid Meat
7. Skull Smashed With A Rock
8. Dragged Into A Boiling Tar Pit
9. Suffering From An Ancient Illness
10. Prehistoric Pus
11. Disemboweling With Early Tools
12. Pungent Grave Slime
13. Emulsified Necrotic Fluid
14. Slurping Coagulated Blood
15. Drinking The Red Liquid From A Dark Sarcophagus
16. Horrors Seen During The Bone Ritual
17. Bathing In A Pool Of Worms
18. Explosion Of Limbs
19. Facial Muscles Torn Off
20. Intestines Spiraling Into The Void
21. Piles Of Skeletons
22. Watching Genocyber As I Wallow In Filth
23. Pixelated Gore
24. Cybernetic Slaughter
25. Programmed To Kill
26. Digital Cadaver
27. Glitched Existence
28. Loading Error
29. Pixels Of Pus
30, Oozing Out Of The Circuits
31. Out Of Memory
32. Barbaric Acts Unknown To Modern Man
33. Adorned With Guts And Teeth
34. Gnawing On The Bones Of The Extinct
35. Mauled By Gigantic Apes
36. Engorging On A Saber-tooth Carcass
37. Chainsaw Dripping With Cum
38. Obscure Terrors From Within The Cave
39. Corpse Stuffed With Herbs
40. Ritualized Devourment Of Brains
41. The Jungle Will Be Your Tomb
42. The Authentic, True And Actual Scenes Of Cannibalism And The Eating Of Human Flesh Will Be Shown
43. In Immediate Need Of Medical Attention
44. Rad Jackson Jr
45. Supreme Megacrusher
46. All Of Your Bones Exploding Simultaneously
47. Wormed Up
48. ????
49. At Melancholy's Edifice

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