Proctalgia 'Consuming The Regurgitated Entrails' CD

  • Proctalgia 'Consuming The Regurgitated Entrails' CD

Proctalgia 'Consuming The Regurgitated Entrails' CD

Artist: Proctalgia
Album: Consuming The Regurgitated Entrails
Label: Klysma Records
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2007
Location: Philippines

1. Slaughtering Victims In A Mass Assault Orgy
2. Double Dead Carcass Eater
3. Tsupa Choy
4. Sampayna
5. Practicing Female Desquamation Dissecting The Body And Deglutition Of The Insides
6. Pederasty Addiction
7. Infant Pemphigus Slaphylococcal
8. Parasiticide Discharging Pus Fluid Mucus Periurethral
9. I Will Need You To Turn Around And Bend For Me
10. Exsanguinate The Hemophilic Child
11. Cerebral Excursion
12. Jakol Even
13. Phaeochromocytoma Causing Hyperglycemia And Irregularity Of Cardiac Rhythm
14. Dacryoma
15. Gouging The Eyes Using Fork And Spoon
16. Gangligliomas
17. Congenital Deficient Thyroid Secretion Causing Impaired Mentality
18. Larynx Laceration
19. It's Better To Fuck A Dead
20. Sexual Beast
21. Cunt Mutilator
22. Feeding The Dead With The Living
23. Shrunken Kidney Incision
24. Chainsaw Decapitation To All Those Who Refuse To Be My Sexslave
25. Rectal Nail Gun Insertion
26. Opthalmia Neonatorum Orgy Infection
27. Kageron Ki Balelang Kubalan Ka Ug Nawong
28. Enjoy Coprophilia
29. Destroying Your Brain
30. Flooded With Human Blood
31. A Desire For Rotten Amputated Female Body Used For Necrophilia Pleasure
32. Esophageal Strangulation
33. Pus Semen Purulent Fuck
34. Mutant Cock Drill
35. Abdominal Mass Destruction
36. Devoured The Living
37. Open Wide And I Let The Torso Do The Penetrating
38. Lobotize The Dagkong Ulo
39. Pseudohypertrophic Dystrophy
40. Force To Disinterment
41. Changes Of Malignant Infarct Circulation In The Orgasm
42. Face Flush Down On The Toilet Together With Feces
43. Obstruction Of The Insides
44. Lessons For Lusty Autopsy
45. Diarrheic Masticator
46. Gonorrheal Cervicitis Producing Creamy Profuse And Unpleasant Odor
47. One Or Both Testicles Have Failed To Reach The Scrotum
48. Cunt Deformity
49. Human Insect
50. Showering In Liquidized Tae
51. Being Unique And Exotic
52. Hacked Lower Jaw And Mutilated Tongue
53. Viral Gastroenteritis
54. I Spread Tolos On Your Mouth
55. Urolagnia Baptism
56. Dead Man Can't Die..But Live To Follow A Mad-Man's Will
57. The Human Kinilaw
58. Mangled And Mutilate
59. Dead Body Dealer

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