Septicopyemia 'Vomiting Swamp' CD

  • Septicopyemia 'Vomiting Swamp' CD

Septicopyemia 'Vomiting Swamp' CD

Artist: Septicopyemia
Album: Vomiting Swamp
Label: Sound Age Productions
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Grindcore
Released: 2006
Location: Russia

1. Vomiting Swamp
2. Rigor Coprophagy
3. Necrotization The Extremities
4. Carnal Torture
5. Sperm Is Your God?!
6. Rectoscope
7. She Anal Spasm Compressor-His Prostata Cuminjector
8. Purulent Flood
9. Cardial Expectoration
10. Vaginal Regale
11. Pissed Cunt... Stay Out!!
12. Diphallus (Chordee Of Bifid Penis)
13. Malignant Ex-Vulva Incubator
Video1 Goregrind From The Depths Of Anal
Video2 Rigor Coprophagy

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