Fitcage 'Pigumanity' CD

  • Fitcage 'Pigumanity' CD

Fitcage 'Pigumanity' CD

Artist: Fitcage
Album: Pigumanity
Label: Soulflesh Collector
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Grindcore
Released: 2010
Location: Russia

1. Pigs Devour Pigs
2. Everyday Hatred
3. Childrens Suicide
4. Six Headshots
5. Smiling Corpse
6. Mass Disorder Instruction
7. New World Slavery
8. Fear And Loathing Everywhere
9. Copsripper
10. Forced Ganja Penetration
11. Single Bullet Theory
12. Buried On A Junkyard
13. Turn The Face To A Reality
14. Stench Of Prophet Brutal Truth
15. Civil Monkeys
16. Mentally Monstrosity
17. Thirst Of Violence
18. Born To Kill
19. Humanity For A Long Time In Hell

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