Klysma 'Sick' Cassette

  • Klysma 'Sick' Cassette

Klysma 'Sick' Cassette

Artist: Klysma
Album: Sick
Label: Cold Iron Records
Format: Cassette Tape
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2023
Location: Belgium

1. Hematemesis (ft. Obsolete Incarnation)
2. Sick
3. Oozing Wounds (ft. Scordatura)
4. Skin Crawl (ft. Balance Of Terror & Human Waste)
5. A Thousand Rotting Corpses (feat. Devour The Fetus)
6. Depraved Flesh (ft. Chainsaw Castration)
7. Impetigo
8. Eradicating The Weak
9. Viral Sickness (ft. Phrymerial)
10. Urticaria (feat. Erica Goes To America)
11. Burning The Dead

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