Flax 'Scraping The Rind' CD

  • Flax 'Scraping The Rind' CD

Flax 'Scraping The Rind' CD

Artist: Flax
Album: Scraping The Rind
Label: Disturbed Mind Records
Format: Jewel Case CD-R
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2023
Location: UK

1. ADHD Insomniac
2. Flesh Peeler
3. Ass Is Ass
4. Shadow Banned
5. Scraping The Rind
6. Carcrash Facelift
7. The Mike Schank Clinic For Drug Rehabilitation
8. Coma Wish
9. Mainstream Metalheads At Download Festival Having A Pleasant Time
10. Bonecrusher
11. Bro Do You Need Artwork Bro
12. Deathcore Is For Wimps
13. Blunt Force Trauma
14. DSM-5

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