Yakisoba 'Acid Bath Litanies' CD

  • Yakisoba 'Acid Bath Litanies' CD

Yakisoba 'Acid Bath Litanies' CD

Artist: Yakisoba
Album: Acid Bath Litanies
Label: Eyes Of The Dead Productions
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2021
Location: Italy

1. Acid Bath Litanies (Intro)
2. Human Slime Obtained From Boiled Remains
3. Chemically Divided Human Offal
4. Cauterized Tongue
5. Blood And Morphine
6. Mandatory Amputation
7. Gangrene Vapors From The Bathtub
8. Splattered Stomach
9. Liver Dealer
10. Severe Regurgitation Of Green Bile
11. Maimed And Left To Die
12. Hemophiliac
13. Fetor Of Gangrenous Limb
14. The Beauty Of Human Decomposition
15. Brachial Plexus Exposed
16. Penile Strangulation
17. Exsanguination Mania
18. Blunt Force Trauma And Subsequent Dyspnea
19. Expurgate It All
20. Bones Collector
21. Exhumation
22. Yellow Discharge In The Drain
23. Inhaling The Stench Of Burning Flesh
24. Garden Of Half Buried Bodies
25. Digested Human Muscle
26. Lymphatic Orgy
27. An Oxidized Saw
28. Pain For Pleasure
29. Maggots In Your Intestines
30. Cannibalistic Rites
31. Eloquent Stench Of Advanced Decomposition
32. What Once Was A Human Being
33. Severed Head Collection
34. An Epitaph For The Unfound Bodies
35. Reduced To A Black Carbonized Mess
36. Indecent Regurgitator

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