Serotonin Leakage '40 Oz. (2015-2016 Collection)' CD

  • Serotonin Leakage '40 Oz. (2015-2016 Collection)' CD

Serotonin Leakage '40 Oz. (2015-2016 Collection)' CD

Artist: Serotonin Leakage
Album: 40 Oz. (2015-2016 Collection)
Label: Eyes Of The Dead Productions
Format: plastic sleeve CD-R
Genre: Goregrind
Released: 2019
Location: USA

Split With Liquidised
1. I've Torn My Phalanx In Two
2. Involuntary Release Of Urine
3. As The Flies Swarm
4. Serotonin Syndrome
5. Necrotic Atrophy
6. Narcolepsy Produced By Chemical Affinity To The Dopamine Receptors
8. Extended Period Of Vasoconstriction
9. Deliriant Induced Psychosis
10. Malaria-Esque Symptoms In An Acute Morphine Overdose
11. Cut Through The Temporal Bone
12. Abdominal Hard Stool Tore A Hole Through The Peritoneum

'Fugue State' Ep
13. Melting Through The Cracks
14. Bodies Pulverized To Ashes And Then Used As Snuff
15. Intramuscular Atrophy And Necrosis
16. Mr. Door's Got My Head Stuck In Between Two Slabs Of Concrete
17. Human Insides Squashed Until They Are The Consistency Of Chicken Curry
18. The Large Intestine Seasoned With Mint For A Soothing Aftertaste
19. Acute Serotonergic Neurotoxicity
20. Fugue State
21. Mauled To Death By Smokey The Bear
22. Stimulant-Induced Psychosis

Split With Pulmonary Infections Of The Cancerous Lung
23. Intense Numbing Sensations In The Lower Abdomen
24. Physical Confusion In The Joints
25. Tryptamine Diffusion Through The Arteries
26. Lethargic Movements In The Gastric Sphincter
27. Inhaling The Vapors From The Sacred Shit Pipe
28. Human Insides Compacted Into Frozen Burgers Shaped Like Mikey Mouse
29. Little Pieces Of Some Dude's Finger Run Through A Blender

Intracellular Degradation Of The Integrity Of The Vascular Wall
30. Microscopic Lacerations To The Cardial Synapse
31. Fungal Sepsis Wrapped Around The Outer Layers Of An Open Wound
32. Necrotizing Vasculitis Associated Proliferation Of The Inner Vascular Wall
33. Anaphylactic Shock With Successive Heart Failure
34. Trace Amounts Of Radiation In Viral Cells Extracted From An Open Wound
35. Bacterial Inflammation Of The Inferior Vena Cava
36. Surgical Detruncation Of The Superior Portion Of The Gastrointestinal Tract
37. Minute Haemorrhaging Of The Exterior Carotid Artery Following Superficial Lacerations To The Neck
38. Saccharomycosis Induced Sclerosis Of The Urogenital Peritoneum
39. Esophageal Paralysis Limiting Motions Necessary For Peristalsis
40. Signs In A Developing Foetus Of Cystic Lymphangioma
41. Intracellular Degeneration Of The Integrity Of The Vascular Wall

Unreleased Split Tracks From 2016
42. Catatonia
43. The Walls Melt
44. Cognitive Dissociation
45. Delirium
46. Extremities Like Ice
47. I Feel The Blood Vessels Tighten
48. The Bones Are Weakening
49. Burning Sensations In The Eyes
50. Body Load
51. Hallucinations Of Trains Running Me Over
52. Melting
53. Yellow Tint In My Field Of Vision
54. Vasoconstriction
55. Tissue Death

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