Gruesome Stuff Relish 'Last Men In Gore' CD

  • Gruesome Stuff Relish 'Last Men In Gore' CD

Gruesome Stuff Relish 'Last Men In Gore' CD

Artist: Gruesome Stuff Relish
Album: Last Men In Gore
Label: Grindhead Records
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Grindcore
Released: 2008
Location: Spain

1. Zombie Creeping Flesh (Savage Flesh Eaters II)
2. Broken Gravestones
3. Stone Knives
4. Teenage Giallo Grind
5. Crawling Death
6. Last Men Alive
7. One More Victim
8. Walk Among The Living
9. Don't Feel Shame
10. Green Inferno
11. Swamp Carnage
12. Throwin' Up The Sickness
13. Wild Borneo
14. (They Are) The Rot Crew
15. Mondo Freaky II (Jvn's Revenge)
16. El Duce Inn Massacre
17. I Can Hear Their Squeak
18. It'll Be The End
19. All They Need Is Blood
20. Cannibalistic Bloodfeast
21. Mondo Freaky
22. Soft Dead Skin
23. The Bite Of The Zombie
24. Naked And Wide-Eyed
25. Redneck Apocalypse
26. Lunch Time
27. Somewhere At An Altar
28. King Of Psychos
29. I Relish The Gruesome Stuff
30. Eaten Alive
31. They Are Everywhere
32. Exhumed Stuff
33. Let's Kill Somebody Tonight
34. Meat Is Murder!!
35. Zombie Wizard
36. Savage Flesh Eaters

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