Висельник 'Eternal Rest' CD

  • Висельник 'Eternal Rest' CD

Висельник 'Eternal Rest' CD

Artist: Висельник
Album: Eternal Rest
Label: Depressive Illusions Records
Format: Jevel Case CD
Genre: Black Metal, DSBM
Released: 2015
Location: Russia

1. True Suicide
2. Dust
3. Zero Hour
4. The Eternal Dream
5. Untitled I
6. The Only Way - Suicide
7. Existential Death I
8. The Funeral Of The Earthborn
9. The Disappearance Of The Universe
10. Untitled II
11. Cold I
12. A Valley Of Despair
13. Fall Melancholy II (Acoustic)
14. Rotten Humanity
15. Untitled III
16. Epilogue

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